Thigh Lift

Looseness, sagging, fluctuations and irregularities in the inner thighs are the most uncomfortable problems for women. Weight gain, loss of exercise and aging and relaxation of the inner thighs are accelerated. There are various treatment methods for the inner thigh, which is difficult to correct due to its thin skin structure.

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In Thigh lifting surgery, the upper and inner thighs of the abundance of skin and fat removal is removed. Thigh stretching operations are usually performed on women over 40 years of age. Especially after weight gain and loosening of the thighs on the inner and upper sides increases. Because some skin types are prone to loosening, the problem may occur at an earlier age in such patients.

In some patients, the problem is only skin loosening, while others have excess fat. In weak patients with little skin abundance, excess skin is removed and stretched and sutured to leave a slant on the inside of the groin. In patients with abundant skin and fat, excess skin is removed to leave a vertical scar. Liposuction is applied to the inner thighs before. The vertical incision is placed on the inner side of the crotch so that it stays on the inner side of the leg and descends towards the knee. The track is invisible when the patient is standing. Thigh stretching operations are performed in the operating room environment and under general anesthesia. Thigh stretching takes about 2-3 hours and is not painful after.

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In order to avoid any wound problems, patients should limit their movements for a period of time after surgery. Patients are usually sent home on the same day. There is bandage on the stitches for the first 2 days. After two days, patients can take a bath. Since all of the stitches are under the skin, there is no need to remove stitches. In the first 3 weeks, the patients should not stand too long and walk. Sport is allowed after the third week except for running. After the sixth week, all activities are free.