Face Lift

Face lift is a surgical method for removing sagging, wrinkles and hanging due to aging on the face. As people get older, the skin of the face hangs, wrinkles and various spots and irregularities occur due to the effects of years, sun rays, daily stresses and other factors (smoking, drinking, malnutrition).

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On the face of an old person; forehead lines are prominent, eyebrows have fallen, cheek sagging, chin contours have disappeared, neck oiled and skin curtains are formed. The skin lost its vitality, sunspots and other moles appeared on it, thinned and wrinkled.

In full face lift, the skin of the face and neck is removed with the help of an incision that starts from the front of the ear and returns to the back of the ear if necessary and then into the scalp. If there is not much problem in the neck, the scar is left in front of the ear. This process is called short track face lift. The SMAS layer, which is a layer under the skin and including our mimic muscles, is stretched with sutures in accordance with the needs of the patient and the bottom layer of the face is shaped. Fat injections are also often performed. Adipose tissue taken and purified from the body is given to the eye contour, mid face, nose-lip lines and Marionette lines that go down the lip corners. If necessary, oil injection is applied to the lips.

Candidates for face lift surgery are those whose face and neck skin began to sag, but the skin still has not lost its elasticity completely and there are no other health problems. The operation is performed in the operating room under the supervision of the anesthesiologist under hospital conditions and may take 3-10 hours depending on the technique and the procedures. It is possible to go home on the same day, but is usually better if you stay in the hospital for 1 night. Face lift surgery leaves traces. However, these traces are not apparent because they remain in the acrylic and are hidden. Early period after surgery usually passes on at ease. The face may have an overall swelling and bruising, numbness and tension. Sutures are taken after 5-7 days.

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