Neck Lift

In the lower face neck region, the aim is to remove excess excess skin by stretching, to stretch the muscle layer under the skin with sutures, to remove the excess fat tissue in the neck, to tighten the neck muscles and to clarify the neck angle.

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For this purpose, face lifting and neck lifting can be combined.


If there are more vertical bands on the neck and the appearance of turkey neck, the neck is opened with a short incision under the chin and the neck muscles are sewn together. This process makes the neck angle clear. If the jawbone is left behind, the jaw tip is marked with prostheses or fat injections. Excess skin on face and neck is cut off. Traces are sewn in front of, behind and hidden in the hair. Neck stretching operations are performed in the operating room environment under general anesthesia or heavy sedation. After face and neck lifting procedures, patients are kept in hospital for 1 night. Drains are removed the next day and the patient is discharged. Swelling and bruising greatly regress within a week. Sutures are removed after six days. The patient can bathe 48 hours after surgery. Swelling and bruises may take 20 days to pass. However, it can take up to three months for the face to fit and take its final shape, depending on the skin thickness and the procedures performed. As with all facial operations, the patient must protect himself from direct sunlight for 3 months after the lower face rejuvenation procedures.


Thinning of the neck and clarifying the neck angle by liposuction are only possible in young patients with good skin elasticity. With the oils taken, the jaw tip can be marked by filling the jaw edges and Marionette lines can be filled.

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In patients who do not want scars and whose skin elasticity is not impaired much, short cuts made under the ears after the liposuction procedure are applied to the neck skin as a hammock. Fat injections and jaw tip prosthesis applications can also be added to this process.

Neck Liposuction takes 30 minutes, neck straps take 30 minutes and face and neck stretching procedures take 2-3 hours. After neck liposuction and suspension, healing is rapid. A bandage is usually applied to the neck and should remain for 3 days. Patients can return home on the same day. They can take a bath on the same day, provided that they do not get wet. Swelling and bruises will occur after face and neck lifting. The bruises and swelling will usually disappear within a week.