Salmon DNA - Youth Vaccine

Salmon DNA - Youth Vaccine is a substance that helps cell production in the skin. It is used to revive dead cells on your skin and rejuvenate the skin. It is seen that skin quality deteriorates and skin skins die in time due to environmental factors and in this case Salmon DNA comes into play. As the amount of hyaluronic acid in the body is not fully fulfilled by the breakdown of the elastin and collagen fibers in the skin, the skin becomes more dull and drier and its elasticity decreases. In these cases, Salmon DNA youth vaccine is recommended.

somon dna

What is the Salmon Dna application?

The salmon DNA vaccine, also known as the youth vaccine, is a vaccine consisting of hyaluronic acid and salmon DNA. This vaccine quickly increases the moisture and elasticity of the skin and gives the skin shine. It also creates a high moisture effect on the skin.

How is salmon DNA applied?

Salmon DNA treatment is scientifically applied by giving small needles under the skin. Moisture procedures are applied to the skin first. Thanks to this hyaluronic acid applied to the skin, the moisture loss of the skin is regulated and a kind of infrastructure is prepared for the actual treatment. This stage lasts 1-1.5 weeks on average. Then the serum produced from salmon's milk is injected subcutaneously.

With the application of salmon DNA, protein deficiencies caused by UV rays and cigarettes and alcohol are also completed on the skin. At the end of this application, the dead skin in the skin comes to life and as time goes on, the skin becomes rejuvenated and renewed.

In this application, thanks to the salmon's milk in it, it reinforces the different vitamins the skin needs. In short, the salmon DNA process, which meets the vitamin and protein needs of the skin, is the application that provides the skin to rejuvenate.

How long and how many sessions should salmon DNA be applied?

Salmon DNA - amplitude vaccine is administered according to the needs of your skin at intervals of 1-3 weeks, with intervals ranging from 1 to 5 sessions.

When is salmon DNA needed?

  • To provide the moisture needed for the skin that dries and loses its moisture balance and gives moisture, shine and shine
  • Intended to eliminate the scarring of acne and pimples on the skin,
  • It removes under the eye bruises or gives shine under this eye,
  • Smoking, alcohol, stress, menopause, hormonal disorders etc. yellow and dull skin regeneration,
  • Rejuvenating the neck and décolleté parts,
  • To remove wrinkles and rejuvenate on hand,
  • Salmon DNA application is applied in the removal of body cracks.

In addition, as this application is a cell regenerator , the milk of salmon prevents the sagging of the skin. It reduces the elasticity loss, alleviates wrinkles, especially around the eyes, and completely eliminates these wrinkles after a while. This practice is clinically proven and is a highly effective protocol.

The salmon DNA application prevents radiation damage to the skin and provides smoother, healthier and more radiant skin.

After salmon DNA application, people can continue their work and social life without interruption. Only a slight rash occurs on the skin, but this rash does not last even a day. It disappears spontaneously in the middle of the day.

Can salmon DNA application be used in conjunction with other applications?

Salmon DNA application is more effective when applied together with laser or RF applications. Furthermore, the application accelerates the wrinkles removal process when applied before botox (botolium toxin); however, it is not recommended to be used together with filler. Since the application is painless, anesthesia is not required. Sessions last for 15 or 20 minutes and are seen once or twice a month.

In later times, the duration of the sessions can be extended to 3 months. This varies entirely depending on the patient's skin and reactions.

In people with excessive aging and sagging of their skin, sessions with 15 days intervals give more effective results.

When is salmon DNA not applied? and Salmon DNA Vaccine Not Applicable to Who?

  • Pregnant women
  • In people who have blood clotting problems,
  • In people who need medication or heart disease,
  • In diabetic patients who cannot be taken into control and on insulin,
  • Salmon DNA is not recommended for those at risk of paralysis due to some diseases.

Since salmon DNA vaccine does not cause allergic effects, it has a wide usage area. However, in order to be cautious, it is recommended not to apply to some people.

What should be considered before salmon DNA application?

After application aspirin and so on. such as blood thinners should be avoided. Such drugs cause bruises and edema after use. In addition, it does not carry any risk of allergies and is a very reliable application that does not harm health.

Salmon DNA application can be applied to all young and mature skin types regardless of male or female.

What is the price of salmon DNA application?

The price of salmon DNA application varies according to skin problems and sessions.

What should be considered after the application?

At the end of salmon DNA application, there is nothing to be considered. Facial massage should be applied to the skin, especially as the moistening is intense in one or two sessions. Other than that, it is inconvenient to apply make-up within the first 6 hours after application to the face.

The application of Salmon DNA in clinical environments that are safe and clean in terms of hygiene does not cause any problems.


Thanks to salmon DNA, a fast rejuvenation and revitalizing effect is created. Salmon DNA method has become quite popular recently. Salmon DNA method can be used alone or combined with PRP, fractional laser, ip applications, botox and filler applications and has become an important anti-aging option.

Salmon DNA gives brightness, shine and bright appearance, as well as tightening of the skin, increasing the flexibility and gaining moisture are important results.