PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Application

There are various growth factors in the platelets responsible for blood clotting. These growth factors trigger tissue growth and accelerate the wound healing process. In recent years, growth factors in platelets have been purified and used in various fields of medicine, especially to accelerate wound healing.

ankara prp applications

PRP (platelet rich plasma-platelet rich plasma) applications were initiated considering the regenerative effects of growth factors on tissues. In PRP administration, platelets in the blood are concentrated and injected into the targeted area. The aim here is to intensively apply the growth factors contained in platelets and various chemicals that accelerate wound healing to the tissues and accelerate the regeneration of worn tissues.

PRP Application is carried out in office conditions. The patient's blood is collected, the blood is transferred to a special tube and centrifuged. This allows the separation of the plasma and the cellular part of the blood. In other words, the red part of the blood remains at the bottom of the tube and the yellow-white, transparent part remains at the top of the tube. Intense platelets are present at the junction of the two fluids. Approximately 1-2 cc of this part, small injectors and fine needles are applied to the skin. Aesthetic applications are applied to the entire face, neck and décolleté. In addition, worn hands are applied to the back of the hand. Reduces skin aging problems, wrinkles, blemishes, skin cracks show significant improvement with PRP applications. Skin tightens, moisturizes, refreshes and gains shine. Thinned and worn leather gains the old quality.