Lips Aesthetics

Plump lips evoke youth and femininity. Plump and alive lips are definitely more attractive. If there are more thin lips than a beautiful face, there is definitely a deficiency, which can be solved by plumping the lips.

ankara dudak estetiği

Lip thickening should not be exaggerated and the appearance should be natural. Therefore, it is possible to achieve a natural result and appearance with light / moderate lip thickening.

Lip Thickening Today Most Used Methods:

- Foreign Fillers: Hyaluronic acid (Restylane) is used to temporarily clarify the lip edges, repeated every 4-6 months. Such fillings are also more permanent, and there are also implants which are completely permanent and placed with a small local intervention.
- Lip plump with its own tissue: Oil injection is very preferred for this purpose. Allergy etc. There is no side effect. The only disadvantage is that sometimes a small cyst can form during injection in the lip. If repeated several times in 3-6 months, more permanent results are achieved.
- Lip tissue flaps: Especially in young women and those with very thick lip demand can be done with oil injection.

Lip aesthetics lip cosmetic surgery healing time

Time to Heal: Fat injection and lip thickening with intra-lip flap are easy procedures for the patient with local anesthesia, but the healing time is almost the same as other aesthetic operations.