Blepharoplasty Eyelid Aesthetics

With the progress of age and the effect of gravity in the eyebrows, upper and lower eyelids skin loosening, sagging occurs, and especially in the lower eyelids of the fat tissue can be bagged with anterior hernia. In addition to causing aesthetic appearance discomfort, this can prevent the person from seeing by the drooping upper eyelids closing the front of the eye.

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Aesthetic eyelid surgery to remove excess skin and also the herniated fat tissue in front of the membrane is strengthened and / or excess fat mass is removed. In this way, a beautiful view is obtained and the person is provided to see comfortably. The upper eyelid remains scarred along the lid. However, since this trace will be adapted to the fold of the lid, it is only visible when viewed very closely.

In the lower lid, there is a scar just below the eyelashes, allowing the continuation of the side to look like a normal skin line. Eyelids are the least visible areas of the human body. People over the age of 30, sagging and bagging of the upper and lower eyelids have started to occur, and no other health problems are candidates for this surgery. Early period after surgery usually passes on at ease. There may be swelling and bruising around the eyes. Sutures are taken after 3-5 days.

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