Bichectomy - Cheek Aesthetics Holywood Smile Design

Cheek aesthetics, also known as bishectomy, is a very practical surgical procedure that makes the face oval more visible. It is possible to obtain the desired face integrity by removing the excess intra-cheek fat from the cheek, which shows the face oval and cheeky.

çene yanak estetiği ankara

What is cheek aesthetics? What is Dimple Aesthetics?

Hollywood cheek aesthetics aims to change the face from an oval shape like "U" to "V" shape cheekbones is an application that makes it more prominent. When we look at someone else, it is possible to say that our attention is focused on the face area of ​​the person first. Eyes, nose, mouth, lips, cheeks, lips etc. Even if they are not examined separately in the first place, these organs and sections generally serve to ensure the beauty of the face.

Face and Golden Ratio

In fact, the proportion of organ distribution and percentage of tissue present is striking. For this reason, even the artists and scientists who have worked in the past and have given years to this work stated that the beauty of people is related to the golden ratio. What we call the golden ratio is the value that is the percentage of each organ. If one's face complies with these percentages, it is aesthetically proportional and indicates beauty. While we call the faces that come close to these values ​​beautiful, we place them even lower on our beauty scale even if we don't call them ugly directly. In summary; If a person's face has a golden ratio or how close it is, that person's face will be a favored face. Here, the most important and most important factor in the golden ratio is the appearance of the chin and cheeks with triangular shape. The basis of Hollywood cheek aesthetics is the golden ratio, protruding cheekbones and thin chin area.

Bichektomy - What is Hollywood aesthetics?

Most of the time, bectectomy is also referred to as triangular face operation and V face operation. The Hollywood cheek aesthetics is accurate when applied to faces that are generally close to the square shape of the contour on the face, and to the faces where the fat pad on the cheeks is too high.

Another name for cheek aesthetics is Bichektomy. Hollywood cheek aesthetics is the popular name of the operation. In this operation, it can be expressed as the removal of excess fat cushions within the visible outer surface of the cheeks, without leaving any marks, only within the mouth, 1 cm away from the cheek area.

Cheek aesthetics planning

Cheek aesthetic surgery, under local anesthesia or general anesthesia, is a very comfortable and risk-free operation that ends on average 30min. In cheek aesthetics, the size, shape of the fat to be taken from the cheek region and the formation of the jaw with the desired shape depend on the personal preparation of the cheek triangle before the operation. For this reason, remember that surgeon surgeon's experience is important.

Cheek aesthetics and age

We recommend that the cheek is not taken before the age of 20-25. It is good for the person not to be taken before the age of 20 unless there is a very extreme example in order to avoid any problems in the future. Also; Genetic characteristics of the individual are also determinant in fat removal process.

Hollywood cheek and Application

Hollywood cheek aesthetics are traditionally done only through the mouth and there is absolutely no scarring from the outside. On the outside, the sides are flattened due to the reduction in the amount of oil in the cheek. In cheek aesthetic surgery, if the individual frequently gains weight and loses weight, it is more appropriate to perform the surgery in an overweight period. We decide how much and in what direction to take, after examining your face total.