Breast Lifting -Mastopexy

You may contact us if you have any questions about Ankara breast reduction. The sagging, softness and deformity of the breasts are among the most unpopular subjects of women. Breasts that do not have muscles in their structure lose their appearance due to age, weight gain, pregnancy, birth or gravity. Breast lift is the process of correcting these problems by surgery and taking the ideal shape of the breasts.

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What is Breast Lift?

In breast lift operations, saggy breast tissue is reshaped, excess skin is removed and the nipple is brought to where it should be. If the breasts are large, excess breast tissue is removed, and if it is small, it is supported by silicone prostheses. Breast lift operations are performed with reduction for those with large and sagging breasts, and with enlargement in hollow and sagging patients after birth or weight loss.

How is breast lift surgery performed?

This is usually done in middle-aged patients who have given birth. However, it can also be done in very young patients if the breasts are structurally sagging. Especially in patients with tubular breast deformity, surgery can be performed at a very early age.

As with all aesthetic procedures, breast lift operations are not applied to patients under the age of 18 unless there is a special case. According to the degree of sagging in the breast lifting operations, only around the nipple (periareolar mastopexy), around the nipple and vertical downwardly (vertical mastopexy), around the nipple, downwardly vertical, and the horizontal track located below the nipple (reverse T method) It remains. These traces become vague over time. If the nipple does not sag too much and the breast is emptied after birth, the sagging can be corrected only by placing a breast prosthesis. In this case there will be a short incision just under the breast as in augmentation surgery. Vertical mastopexy is the most commonly used method for breast lift. In this method, both the scar is not much and the aesthetic results are the best. In terms of permanence, vertical mastopexy is superior to other techniques. Read our article about breast augmentation .

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What Should I Consider After Breast Lifting Surgery?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia in the operating room in the operating room. It takes 1.5-2 hours. The surgery is planned specially for the patient. The patient is given detailed information about the operation plan and possible scarring. Post-surgery is usually comfortable and special medical bras are used. Pain is usually no problem. If breast prosthesis is used during surgery, there may be limitation of arm movements for a few days. No stitches are required as melt stitches will be used. After breast lift surgery, there is usually not much pain. The medicines given should be used properly. If breast prostheses are used, there may be difficulties in arm movements for a few days. Excess weight should not be lifted and too much force should be applied. Postoperative swelling and edema may be reduced over time. After 3-4 days of rest, you can return to work and return to your normal life after a week. It is recommended not to do heavy sports for 2 months and to do light walks.

In which situations should we prefer breast lift surgery?

  • Primarily the breast lift should be at the person's own request. For this, the person to be operated on should decide for himself and be willing.
  • Women who think that their breasts are flaccid should check with the doctor. In the interview, breast erosion may be decided in order to eliminate breast-hip disproportion.
  • Both breast augmentation and breast lift surgery can be performed together to reduce breast size shrinkage or breast sagging after pregnancy.
  • People with sagging breasts may prefer breast lift if they are uncomfortable with their images.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lift Surgery

Can Breastfeed After Breast Lifting Surgery?

Breastfeeding is usually not a problem after breast lift surgery. However, this also depends on the technique in which the person was operated. In the pre-operative interview, the physician will perform the necessary checks and provide more detailed answers for this question.

Is it possible to sag again after breast lift surgery?

Breast lift surgery is the process of lifting the saggy breasts and transforming them back to a living appearance. Since sagging of the breasts is an event that occurs over time, there may be a sagging of the breasts again after the same conditions occur after surgery. But these sags in no way cause a worse image than the old state. As a matter of experience, a very low number of patients who had breast lift surgery needed a second operation.

Will there be any scars after breast lifting?

Breast lift operation is a surgical intervention and like every surgical operation there will be a scar. These scars may vary depending on the type of intervention decided for surgery. Over time, its prominence will diminish and become close to normal skin color.

Are Breast Lift Surgery Costs Expensive?

When aesthetic surgery is mentioned, prices come to mind first. How much are breast lifting prices? Is breast lifting expensive? questions are among the most curious issues. In the past these operations were expensive. However, nowadays, with the developing technology, the prices of the materials produced become cheaper and make people available to afford it. Increasing competition allowed prices to be cheaper and even low-income groups can have aesthetics operations. Breast lifting surgery does not have a fixed price. A price is calculated according to the procedures to be performed after the controls with the doctor before the operation.